16 november 2009

Ryan Leech's Tutorials

Ryan Leech, another inspiring person. A professional trials mountain bike rider. He has performed in many events across North America and has made appearances in many different mountain biking films including: The Kranked Series, Ride to the Hills, The Collective and Roam, and most recently Crux. In late 2005, Ryan released his latest DVD Mastering the Art of Trials, which was an instructional compilation of 38 Trials related Skills.

Here is the list of tricks, explaned by Ryan Leech.

Mastering The Art of Trials with Ryan Leech
Zap Tap
Wheelie Drop
Bunny Hops
Track Stand
Forward Foot
Straight Endo
Front Wheel Hops
Rear Wheel Hop
Side Drop
Punch Off
Punch to Raise Front
Rock Walk
Rolling Balance
Track/Hop/Rock Combo
Endo Side Drop
Punch Spins
360 Exit
Static 360 Spin
Wedge Serge
Touch Up
Pedal Kick
Kicker Up
Pedal Kick Drop
Rear Side Hops
Pedal Gap
Pedal Punches
Roll Up
Hook Up
Leech Loop

8 november 2009

Project "Streetbike": Done!

Detail pics before the decals:

This is how I brought it: