27 oktober 2009

Brought a bike

So in my search for a nice street bike I came across the Giant STP. I called the local Giant dealer, but unfortunately I had to learn that they don't sell the STP in the Netherlands anymore. Last model was 2007. The American brands are even more rare so my best option seemed to be an import from the UK. The price including shipment would be about 800 dollars.

Right before I was about to make the order I did one last check on a few occasion sites and YEAH! I found 1 STP. Someone sold te bike and had it labeled as an "Children's Mountain Bike". Obviously because of the small frame size the guy thought it was a bike for kids and it got scarce attention. I did an offer of $100.- and the guy accepted. He was glad the bike got sold.

It's an old model, probably from 2006. Its 21 speed and I don't see the point to that. But having spend such a low amount of money saves me enough for some nice updates.

See my next post for more on that.

1 opmerking:

  1. 100 bucks sounds pretty good, i mean the bike looks in good shape , good for you