28 oktober 2009

Work to be done

There's a lot to do until I have the bike as I want it to be. But luckily because I had the basics for a cheap price I have enough money left for the updates!

The frame is severely scratched. I'm gonna strip the bike and repaint the frame and fork.

This is probably where the bike's lock was hanging. The whole bike will be matte black with accents of scarlet red. I've got lots of sanding to do!

When repainting the frame I'll lose the giant logo. I emailed giant for new decals but they responded they won't give them. Its not a big problem, I informed with a car-sticker company and they are willing to make (car)stickers of the logo. Done with that! =D

All the bolts are rusted! This looks so damn ugly! I'm gonna get new onces that don't rust. In the picture you see the handlebar is made of steel and is damaged. I'm not gonna repaint it. Instead I'll buy a new one.

These are worn. I need new ones that's clear. The rims look okay. I don't feel like repainting them so I'll keep 'm black and slightly scratched.. The saddle is a bit damaged but that's okay. A new one would be to expensive for now.

Last thing, I've got an old MTB a Giant Terrago from 1996. The bike has hydraulic brakes. These brakes have a lot more power than regular V-brakes. Above all they have horseshoe-like protection irons, which will look great on the bike. Especially when I paint them red.

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